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India has been devastated by a number of natural disasters in the recent past - tsunami in 2006, the earthquake in Gujarat, floods in Andhra Pradesh, droughts in Orissa… it's a long list. Natural Disasters are huge economic burdens on developing economies such as India. Every year huge amount of resources are mobilized for rescue, relief and rehabilitation works following natural disaster occurrences.

Whenever the country faces a natural disaster, one issue that comes to the fore is that of inefficient relief distribution. It turns out that there exists no mechanism in place to help victims of a natural catastrophe. Today's earthquake, tomorrow's cyclone and the next year's flash flood will have half-hearted relief efforts consisting of measures inefficient at best and impotent at worst under the present circumstances.

Though a scheme called Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) has been constituted for each state with contribution from the Central and State Government to undertake relief and rehabilitation measures, this is not enough. All of us need to contribute in any way we can to help the needy and homeless.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy