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One of the main challenges that India faces today is the problem of Poverty. According a Govt report, 75% of the poor are in rural areas, most of them are daily wagers, self-employed householders and landless labourers. Although Indian economy has grown steadily over the last two decades, its growth has been uneven when comparing different social groups, economic groups, geographic regions, and rural and urban areas.

Wealth distribution in India is fairly uneven, with the top 10% of income groups earning 33% of the income. Despite significant economic progress, 1/4 of the nation's population earns less than the government-specified poverty threshold with most working in informal labour sector with no job or social security, living in abject poverty.

Income inequality in India is increasing every year. In addition, India has a higher rate of malnutrition among children under the age of three than any other country in the world. With a small contribution from your side, you can make a difference to hundreds of such lives.

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Azad India Foundation
The activities reach out to poor and marginalized women,adolescents and disadvantaged and marginalized children from rural and urban areas of Kishanganj district


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