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Homelessness is a major challenge that India is facing today. People are packing their belongings and moving to the cities and towns to find employment, or to escape calamities like floods, famine and drought. In recent years, thousands of people have migrated from terror ridden Kashmir, from Latur after the mighty earthquake and Gujarat after the communal riots. But usually it is seen that rural poverty is the most fundamental reason for the great migration to the city. Poor people are not in a position to pay for housing, food, child care, health care, and education.

The vast majority of these men and women are farmers and farm laborers who in their villages lack resources and opportunities for an economically active life. Since they have no place to stay, they often put up with relatives or on undesirable public sites living in unhygienic conditions leading to many diseases. Drugs and alcohol abuse contribute to the homeless population as does a lack of skills stemming from a lack of education with which to find an adequate job.

The solution to homelessness, especially in the lower-income bracket, lies in improving their economic status. In spite of the gravity of the problem and our limited resources, to shelter the homeless is not an insurmountable problem, it is a manageable challenge. You can give hope and opportunity to people and help them have a home of their own.

Issue Related To Homelessness

Name of NGO About NGOCause Donation Add
Azad India Foundation
The activities reach out to poor and marginalized women,adolescents and disadvantaged and marginalized children from rural and urban areas of Kishanganj district
Gift India
Impart education to children, women and men in urban and rural areas. Initiate and develop some of the highly relevant and cutting-edge entrepreneurial programmes.Establish, develop, maintain and also aid in cash or kind hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institutions, dispensaries, maternity homes, and child welfare centers.