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For a developing country like India, Public Health has always been an area of major concern. With a mere 0.9% of India's GDP being spent on health care, the scenario, not surprisingly, isn't a very pleasing one. Data shows that every second child in the country suffers from malnutrition, that over 1,000 people succumb to Tuberculosis everyday, that almost 60,000 children are born with HIV each year! Cardiovascular, diabetes, and cancer are emerging as major public health problems in India. Apart from a rising proportion of older adults, Obesity is increasing, physical activity is declining, and tobacco use is a substantial problem in the country, particularly among the poorest sections of society. Other new threats are Dengue, Chikungunya and the Bird flu outbreak in West Bengal.

Child mortality rates in India already very high, are not falling very fast despite rapid economic growth. The determinants of child mortality in India lie mostly outside the health sector-water, sanitation, mother's education and even transport. Though health ministries promote safe water, better sanitation, girls' education and better rural transport, basic health care and health assurance seem to be a distant dream for most of the population. You can provide someone with the gift of health!


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Azad India Foundation
The activities reach out to poor and marginalized women,adolescents and disadvantaged and marginalized children from rural and urban areas of Kishanganj district
Gift India
Impart education to children, women and men in urban and rural areas. Initiate and develop some of the highly relevant and cutting-edge entrepreneurial programmes.Establish, develop, maintain and also aid in cash or kind hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institutions, dispensaries, maternity homes, and child welfare centers.